Lab Photos

2022 MRS meeting in Boston. Lunch for the Wang group alumni and our friends.

Wang lab retreat in Lake Tahoe, July 2021

First group picnic after the covid-19 pandemic, May 2021

Summer 2018 Lab Picnic in Tilden Park!

Hans’s going away beers at Triple Rock. See you in Dresden! March 2017

Wang Lab Hike: Send-off hike before Jonghwan leaves for his faculty position! December 2016

Wang Lab Spring BBQ, or, “how long does it take to cook a rack of ribs?” (Summer 2015)

Dr. Dr.! Jonghwan and Long graduate (Spring 2015) (From Left to Right) Lili, Sufei, Zhiwen, Lu, Sheng, Feng, Ron, Long, Chenhao, Jonghwan, Steve, Jihun, Huiling, Halleh

Xiaoping’s farewell and setting up the New Campbell Laser Lab! (Winter 2014)

David’s Farewell Dinner (March 2012)

Group photo

Group photo, August 2011. Top row left to right: Xiaoping, Jason, Long, David, Jonghwan, Hui Ling. Center row: Yaqing, Amber and Feng, Ron Shen and Hsiaolin, Tom. Bottom row: Fajun, Steve, Baisong, Kaihui and baby Joseph and Ying.