Welcome to the Ultrafast NanoOptics Group!

We are interested in probing and controlling light-matter interactions in condensed matter systems, with an emphasis on novel physical phenomena emerging in nanoscale structures and quantum phenomena in novel low dimensional materials. We develop and employ novel optical spectroscopy that simultaneously achieves ultrabroadband energy tunability, polarization control, nanometer spatial resolution, and femptosecond temporal resolution.

We are affilated with the Physics Department at the University of California, Berkeley; the Materials Sciences Division of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and the Kavli Energy NanoSciences Institute.

Lab News

February 2019: Chenhao and Emma’s paper observing Moire superlattice exciton states is out in Nature! Congrats to this highly collaborative team including Wang-lab members Iqbal, Danqing, and Sihan; this is how science is done!

January 2019:  Huge congrats to Guorui Chen, who used Moire superlattices in trilayer systems to explore topological flat bands and the formation of a gate-tunable Mott Insulator! Check out his two new papers in Nature Physics and PRL!

July 2018: Chaw and Jason’s paper on the biexcitonic optical stark effect in MoSe2 is out in Nature Physics! Congrats!

July 2018: Sihan and Sheng’s paper, Correlation of Electron Tunneling and Plasmon Propagation in a Luttinger Liquid, came out in the Physical Review Letters! Congrats to a highly collaborative team!

May 2018: Chenhao and Jongwhan’s paper on imaging the spin-valley diffusion current in WS2/WSe2 heterostructures is out in Science. Highly collaborative cross-lab effort with Iqbal, Emma, Hans, and many more – Congrats everyone!

January 2018: Lili and Sheng’s paper Manipulation of domain-wall solitons in bi- and trilayer graphene is out in Nature Nanotechnology. Congrats!

July 2017: Jonghwan and Chenhao’s paper  Observation of ultralong valley lifetime in WSe2/MoS2 heterostructures is out in Science Advances. Congrats!

May 2017: Trinity and Jihun’s paper studying the coupling between 1D plasmon polariton in silver nanowires with the 2D phonon polariton of the SiC substrates is out in Nano Letters. Another great Wang group theory/experiment collaboration- congrats guys!

April 2017: Congrats to Steve, Jonghwan, and Xiaoping on their PRB paper, observing Raman selection-rule breakdown in monolayer MoS2 (Link)

Feb 2017: Jihun and Sheng’s paper on Goos-Hänchen Shift and Even–Odd Peak Oscillations in Edge-Reflections of Surface Polaritons in Atomically Thin Crystals is published in Nano Letters (Link)

December 2016: Jason and Halleh’s paper on imaging electric fields using graphene optoelectronics (for applications in neuroscience and chemical sensing) is out in Nature Communications (Link)

October 2016: Jonghwan and Chenhao make a clean sweep with papers published in Nature Physics and Advanced Materials. Great work guys!

October 2016: Feng is elected Fellow of the American Physical Society (APS). Congrats!

September 2016: Our work on the electronic structure of phosphorene is published in Nature Nanotechnology (Link)

July 2016: Sheng passed the qualifying examination. Congratulations!

May 2016: Our work on Soliton-dependent plasmon reflection at bilayer graphene domain walls has been published in Nature Materials (Link)

Sep 2015: Our work on characterization and manipulation of individual defects in insulating boron nitride has been published in Nature Nanotechnology (Link)

July 2015: Our work on Luttinger-liquid plasmons in single wall carbon nanotubes is published in Nature Photonics (Link) (Press)

June 2015: Our work optically probing electrolyte interfaces is published in Nature Communications (Link) (Press)

May 2015: Long and Jonghwan get their PhDs!! Congrats guys!

May 2015: Our work on designing “diatomic” high Q tunable dielectric gratings is published in Optics Express (Link)

April 2015: Our work on topological valley transport at bilayer graphene domain walls is published in Nature (Link) (Press)

December 2014: Our work on Optimizing Broadband Terahertz Modulation with Hybrid Graphene/Metasurface Structures is published in Nano Letters (Link)

December 2014: Our work on using circularly polarized light to manipulate valley degree of freedom in WSe2 is published in Science (Link)

October 2014: Our work on observing intrinsic bandage and Landau level renormalization in Graphene/BN heterostructure has been published in Nature Communications (Link)

October 2014: Our work on determining gate-dependent pseudo spin mixing term in Graphene/BN superlattices has been published in Nature Physics (Link)

August 2014: Our work on probing local strain at MX2-Metal boundaries with surface plasmon enhanced raman scattering has been published in Nano Letters (Link).

August 2014: Our work on ultrafast charge transfer between atomically thin MoS2/WS2 hetereolayers has been published in Nature Nanotechnology (Link).

June 2014: Our work on absorption cross-section determination of individual carbon nanotubes is published in PNAS (Link).

May 2014: Xiaoping gets the first Wang Lab PhD! Congrats Xiaoping, we’ll miss you!


Updated: May/2018